Head Office, 17-27 Queen's Square
17-27 Queen's Square
North Yorkshire


Location: 54° 35′ N,1° 13′ W (Teesport)

Largest vessel
Length: 305m
Beam: 48m
Channel: 15.4m LAT

Navigation: The River Tees is approached from the NE at Tees Bay through a deepwater channel. The approach channel has a charted depth of 15.4m which progressively reduces to 4.5m east of Billingham Beck, 8 nautical miles from the entrance. The channel depth is not maintained beyond Tees (Newport) Bridge.


Location : 54° 42′ N,1° 12′ W

Largest vessel
Length: 190m
Beam: 33m
Channel: 5.7m LAT

Navigation: Hartlepool Dock is south-facing into Hartlepool Bay and is located 4 nautical miles North of the River Tees. Leading lights and buoys lead through the entrance channel with a nominal dredged depth of 5.7m below LAT.


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The Tees and Hartlepool Harbour Byelaws 1977 & 1985

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Date: 09/04/2019

General Directions for the Safety of Navigation, Persons and Property in the Harbour

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Date: 31/01/2020


Port Waste Management Plans are a requirement of the Merchant Shipping and Fishing Vessels (Port Waste Reception Facilities) Regulations 2003 (as amended). Teesport operates a predominantly water-borne waste collection system with the waste barge Svitzer Leven making daily collections of waste.

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Date: 23/10/2018
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Date: 23/10/2018

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