Head Office, 17-27 Queen's Square
17-27 Queen's Square
North Yorkshire

As a result, we are responsible for vessel traffic management, ensuring safe navigation and maintaining channel depths for the Port of Tees and Hartlepools.

The breadth and variety of port operations across this area is diverse – from Ekofisk’s petrochemical and liquid bulk storage operations at Seal Sands, to the deep water jetties of Redcar Bulk Terminal, and a range of cargo handling, ship repairs, offshore support and renewable energy operations elsewhere.

Our modern harbour office oversees the arrival and departure of around 4,100 vessels at the Port of Tees and Hartlepools each year. From here, vessel traffic services are responsible for ensuring safe and efficient navigation, including coordinating pilotage and towage requirements.

As well as vessel traffic management, we have a dedicated conservation team that ensures continued water depths with hydrographic surveying and dredging. The team are responsible for the maintenance of navigational equipment, along with specialist marine engineers. We are also committed to keeping our impact on the environment and wildlife to a minimum, with our in-house oil response unit on hand to ensure any issues are dealt with as quickly as possible.

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