Head Office, 17-27 Queen's Square
17-27 Queen's Square
North Yorkshire
Scotland 1 (DB Cargo Terminal)

Monday, Wednesday & Friday (14 wagons & 28 platforms). This service can also run on Tuesday and Thursday if demand allows

Location Time
Depart Teesport 0422
Arrive Grangemouth 1420
Depart Grangemouth 1610
Arrive Teesport 0058
Scotland 2 (Mossend Euroterminal)

Monday – Friday (directly linked to P&O and CLdN Ferry Services from Zeebrugge - 14 wagons & 28 platforms)

Location Time
Depart Teesport 1905
Arrive Mossend 0215
Depart Mossend 0705
Arrive Teesport 1547
Scotland 2 (DB Euroterminal)

Sunday only

Location Time
Depart Mossend 0915
Arrive Teesport 1524
Depart Teesport 1828
Arrive Mossend 2312

Monday - Friday

Location Time
Departs Felixstowe 1734
Arrives Teesport 0145
Departs Teesport 1451
Arrives Felixstowe 0147

Monday - Friday

Location Time
Depart Doncaster 1820
Arrive Teesport 2053
Depart Teesport 0015
Arrive Daventry 0718
Depart Daventry 1127
Arrive Doncaster 1620

Saturday Only

Location Time
Depart Teesport 02:30
Arrives Daventry 09:21

Sunday Only

Location Time
Depart Doncaster 18:05
Arrives Teesport 20:19

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