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Automated Gate

Will there still be a resolution area?

There will be a service desk that will deal with hazardous cargo and some other issues however drivers may be asked to leave the terminal and resolve any issues using the VBS and App.

Will everywhere be open 24/7?

TCT2 will go to 24-hour operations. All other terminal opening times will remain the same.

What will the process be for hazardous cargo?

If a unit arrives with hazardous placards, or the unit is booked as hazardous, the Automated Gate will direct the driver to the Service Desk. The driver should then proceed directly to the service desk with the appropriate Dangerous Goods documentation (DGN). Our service desk clerks will will then check the DGN and verify that the placards and export booking match up – if everything is correct then we will process the transaction manually.

What do we do if the driver notices damage when picking a unit up?

The driver will be asked at the out-gate pedestal if the unit is in an acceptable condition and can contact the Service Desk via VoIP if there is any significant damage to the unit.

Vehicle Booking System (VBS)

What is VBS?

VBS stands for Vehicle Booking System. It is a mandatory, truck appointment system to be used by all hauliers wishing to collect and/or deliver containers at PD Ports Teesport.

Will there be an app?

Yes, the app will be available from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

How long are the timeslots?

The timeslots will be for one hour however there is no restriction on how early or late a driver can arrive.

Can you make an appointment for multiple units on one truck?

Yes. The VBS will allow users to make appointments for any combination of units that will fit on a standard length trailer, so for example, it will allow the user to make an appointment to drop off two 20’ units and collect one 45’ unit, but it will not allow the user to make an appointment to drop off more than one 45’ unit on the same truck.

What will I have to do if I have one unit to drop off and one to collect but the collection is on the vessel?

You can either create one appointment for both units and instruct the driver to wait until the collection becomes available, or, make an appointment for the drop off and a separate appointment for the collection.

Do we need a booking number to drop off?

No, the booking number will be associated to the unit that is assigned to the appointment and will populate when the appointment is made. Drivers that go to TCT1 or the Riverside RoRo may be asked to supply the N4 Appointment Number from the VBS.

Will I have to change my password regularly on the VBS?


What are the costs associated with making an appointment?

Initially there are no costs associated with using the VBS.

Is there a limited number of appointments available per timeslot?

Initially there will be no limit to the number of appointments made available.

How far in advance can I make an appointment?

Appointments can be made five days in advance.

How close to a timeslot can I make an appointment?

Appointments cannot be made once a time slot has started but can be make for the following timeslot, for example the user will not be able to make an appointment for a 09:00 timeslot at 09:15 but they could make an appointment for the 10:00 timeslot.

What will happen if I miss a slot?

Initially we will not require a driver to arrive during the timeslot so it will remain active unless cancelled by the Haulier.

Will the VBS tell us if there is a problem (export not booked, wrong PIN, etc)?

Yes, when making the appointment the data will be validated against the TOS and any relevant errors will be displayed.

Who do I contact if I am having problems making an appointment?

The first point of contact should be the shipper for help resolving issues with units not booked, wrong PIN, customs clearance, etc.

Is there a limit to the number of users a company can have?

No, a company can register as many users as they require.

What will happen if an appointment is left and not completed?

If all of the details are not completed the appointment will remain in the VBS in the ‘require attention’ section. Appointments are only committed to the TOS once all relevant information has been submitted.

Can a DGN be uploaded to the VBS?


Will there be instructions available online?

Yes, instruction guides and videos will be available on the PD Ports website.

What if I want to make multiple appointments for the same truck during a timeslot?

For trucks that have more than one appointment the Gate Operating System (GOS) will determine which appointment is the relevant one based on the unit loaded to the truck on arrival. If the appointments are all for collecting units only then the driver will be asked at the in-gate pedestal which unit they are collecting. Drivers that go to TCT1 or the Riverside RoRo may be asked to supply the N4 Appointment Number from the VBS.

What can a user do with the different levels of access?

Depending on the level of access granted the user will be able to complete different tasks on the VBS based on the table below:


Haulier Admin Haulier User Haulier Driver Freelance Driver


Create / Edit / Delete* Create / Edit / Delete* Create / Edit

Create / Edit** / Delete**

Find Unit

Yes Yes Yes


EDI Upload

Yes Yes Yes



Create* / Edit* / Delete*

Create* / Edit* / Delete* No

Create*** / Edit*** / Delete***


Create* / Edit* / Delete* Create* / Edit* / Delete* No



Edit* No No


Own Account Management Yes Yes Yes


*For company only
**Only for appointments assigned to driver
***For self only

What is an EDO?

EDO stands for Equipment Delivery Order and is the reference number required to collect an empty unit from storage. These numbers are provided by the line operator and contain details such as the size and grade required.

If I Upload multiple appointments and some fail do i need to upload everything again?

No, if some items fail but others are successful then the successful ones will be submitted to the confirmed bookings and you are only required to edit and resubmit the failed appointments.

Can I search for multiple units in Find Unit?

Yes, you can search for as many unit as you need by typing a comma after each unit number.

FIND UNIT States my collection isn’t available for collection. Who should I contact?

The first point of contact for all issues should be the company that issued you with the job. They should be able to determine what the issue is, such as no PIN or no customs clearance, and how to resolve it.

What does T-State mean in Find Unit results?

T-State is the Transit State of the unit. This can be one of the following:

  • Yard – The unit has arrived at the terminal and is currently in the compound
  • Inbound – The unit is on its way to us and will be arriving soon
  • Advised – The unit has been booked and will be arriving at some point in the future.

Will find unit show which terminal the unit is at?

No, this information can be obtained from the shipper.

Driver Access Control System (DACS)

Will the driver get a new ACS card?

Yes, new access cards will be distributed to all drivers to enable their access through the Automated Gate (AG).

How long does the induction last?

The induction will be valid for 12-months. Once it has expired the driver will be required to complete another induction for their card to be re-activated.

How long does the induction take to complete?

The induction process takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.

When can drivers apply for the new ACS card?

ACS enrolment will commence from May.

How does the driver complete the induction

The induction can be completed online. It is accessible via PC and mobile devices at: https://www.intasite.com/kiosk/pd-ports-teesport/

What do the drivers do once they have completed the induction?

Once the induction is complete the driver can collect their pass from the pass office.

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