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This sector and its associated liquid bulk cargo movements form a large part of Teesport’s volumes, with nearby sites accounting for 58% of the UK’s chemical sector and £12bn worth of cargo exported annually.

Some of the world’s major players in the petrochemical industry have chosen Teesport for importing, refining, storing, converting, blending, manufacturing, adding value and exporting their products. Both the north and south banks of the River Tees are home to a number of the UK’s biggest petrochemical complexes, all playing a vital role in the supply and distribution chain of this highly significant and far-reaching cluster.

Global names operating on and around the River Tees include ConocoPhillips, whose Teesside Oil Terminal at Seal Sands receives North Sea crude oil and gas via the Ekofisk pipeline, before processing and exporting. Others playing a key role in the Tees Valley’s chemical sector include SABIC, INEOS Nitriles at Seal Sands, Navigator Terminals, Huntsman, Lotte Chemicals, CF Fertilisers and Inter Terminals.

The wealth of companies in and around Teesport make the movement of liquid bulks simpler and easier than any other UK site. Multinational and industry-leading businesses are on hand to offer advice and run operations with experience in a vast range of chemicals.

The port’s links and close proximity to Wilton International also allow for easy processing, with the underground and overground infrastructure to transport cargo across the UK. 


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