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Business Continuity Statement

As Statutory Harbour Authority on the River Tees, PD Ports has responsibility for vessel traffic management. We acknowledge that disruptive events can – and do – occur and we invest in our ability to anticipate, detect, respond to, recover from, and adapt to disruption.

PD Ports is committed to being resilient by placing Business Continuity at the core of our operations. PD Ports recognises that our customers sit at the heart of everything we do and are integral to our business. Our people take the responsibility and trust that our customers place in us very seriously. Our goal is to work with employees, customers, and interested parties to enhance our Business Continuity and Resilience capabilities. Our corporate values and our people support our approach to Business Continuity through empowering and encouraging decision making and working together to deliver service excellence.

A Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) and Team are in place to manage disruptive events. Ensuring that we can deliver our statutory and contractual obligations at an acceptable level to our customers during periods of disruption is our objective. Our senior leadership and employees are fully committed to continually improve our Business Continuity capabilities whilst protecting the safety of our people, customers, interested parties, and the environment.


PD Ports Business Continuity Management system applies to their obligations as the statutory harbour authority, the provision of cargo handling and logistics services, as well as the supporting functions at Teesport and Hartlepool.


The Business Continuity objectives reflect our commitment and intention and are designed to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timebound (SMART). Our objectives are to:

  • Continually improve our ability to anticipate, detect, respond to, recover from, and adapt to disruptive events.
  • Comply with our statutory, legal, and regulatory obligations during disruption.
  • Limit the impact of disruptive events on our customers and the environment.
  • Embed Business Continuity and Resilience in our culture through regular exercising, testing, training, and awareness.
  • Work to recover prioritised activities within agreed timescales and in line with our contractual obligations following a disruption.
  • Work in partnership with our customers and interested parties to improve our resilience.

Award Winning

PD Ports awarded Gold Status from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) for its commitment to health and safety excellence for the third consecutive year.

PD Ports - RoSPA Award Winner 2023

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