Head Office, 17-27 Queen's Square
17-27 Queen's Square
North Yorkshire

From Hartlepool to the Isle of Wight, and from head office to harbour-side, our values are the very essence of who we are.

  • Safety first, foremost and always – we expect all of our employees to be actively engaged in ensuring the safety of all colleagues, contractors, visitors and others with whom the business engages directly.
  • Teamwork working together, helping each other – by working in teams, large and small, in all areas of the business, we ensure that everyone can make a contribution to delivering service excellence to our customers that ultimately generates growth and security of employment.
  • Respects & Consideration give space to others – respect each other, respect ourselves, respect opinion, respect time and respect our customers.
  • Excel in everything we do – no matter how small, or large the task, we strive to excel in order to achieve and exceed objectives.
  • Trust, empower, encourage, enable – we employ people to make decisions appropriate to their level of responsibility. We trust them to do this.
  • Commitment to our customers and to each other – we all do what we say we are going to do and deliver on our objectives.
  • Honesty showing integrity – fundamental to how we do things. We don’t seek to hide any truths from each other.



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