Isle of Wight

PD Ports’ Medina Wharf is the Isle of Wight’s main commercial wharf on the West Bank of the Medina River providing access to the commercial and industrial activity on the island.

Cowes is on the River Solent (which in itself is a major international shipping route for freight) and separates the Isle of Wight from mainland England. For this reason the Port is situated on an exceptional site providing the ideal hub for cost effective distribution of cargo both onto and off the island.

Medina Wharf is the UK choice for a number of companies who use this considered position to their advantage, delivering or exporting in many cases on a ‘just in time’ basis.  To support this initiative PD Ports has developed and continues to expand its capabilities at Cowes in the logistics and supply chain sectors.

The wharf estate covers some 24.6 acres and includes:

  • two general cargo berths, handling products such as steels, dry cargo, aggregates and grain
  • the dock estate has 1,198 sq ft of covered warehousing
  • substantial open storage areas
  • specialist bulk handling facilities
  • designated grain handling storage and handling facilities within the Port


  • Cowes
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