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Frans Calje, chief executive officer of PD Ports, said: “The Heugh Breakwater has been a part of Hartlepool’s history since 1853, constructed to protect Hartlepool Dock from tides, currents and storm surges.

It has always been subject to natural erosion, which is monitored by weekly visual inspections by PD Ports’ engineering team, backed up by external independent inspections and drone surveys.

“The structure is facing ever more extreme weather conditions and, in the last week, damage has occurred to the far end of the breakwater. Our engineering team and external contractors are already at work to rectify the damage to the breakwater, which will continue as weather conditions allow. Our inspections have shown that the main sub-structure of the breakwater remains intact”

“We are mindful that the breakwater is a much-loved local landmark for the people of Hartlepool and as such, once the main repairs to the structure are complete, we will look to repair the paving and railings on the publicly accessible part of the structure.

“Throughout this period we will continue to monitor and maintain the Heugh Breakwater. We take our role in providing safe navigation to Hartlepool dock very seriously – the breakwater is a key part of that responsibility.”

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Award Winning

PD Ports awarded Gold Status from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) for its commitment to health and safety excellence for the third consecutive year.

PD Ports - RoSPA Award Winner 2023