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17-27 Queen's Square
North Yorkshire

Today is International Women in Engineering Day and to celebrate we spent the day with Emily Clark our Apprentice Civil Engineer, to see all the exciting projects she has working on.

First, we did some 3D modelling and 3D printing moulds for prototype concrete armouring blocks, these moulds will help cast miniature versions of the armouring blocks which we may use to protect our breakwaters. This helps us visualise how the blocks will interlock and what level of protection they may provide against the waves.

Following on from this we stepped outside and conducted a short drone survey at Teesport to inspect the condition of a warehouse roof to feed into our annual inspection and maintenance regime. This involved developing a flight plan and using our in-house drones to get a birds-eye view of the roof to assess whether it needed any cleaning or repairs to ensure it is watertight and remains in a good condition. This information is then used to decide what maintenance is required on the warehouse and when it should be conducted.

We then travelled down to one of our offices where Emily has been managing the refurbishment. This involves liaising with lots of different departments and contractors to develop and manage a scheme that creates a smooth-running programme of work with the end result satisfying operational requirements and improving the condition of the building. Today, Emily, went to a site meeting to catch up with the contractor and operations on how the work is progressing and any changes to the scope that may be required.

Finally, we went back to the office where Emily was tasked with updating the traffic management at one of our sites to improve the flow of traffic and the separation of pedestrians and vehicles. After holding a meeting with both our operations and health and safety departments, Emily took the time to use CAD to draw up what was discussed on a plan to help visualise what the changes will look like.

Thank you for letting us spend the day with you Emily, we look forward to seeing all the other exciting projects and developments you have been working on soon.

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