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Name: Holly Fielding

Role: Harbour Constable

Studying: Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship in Business Management


When she joined PD Ports, Holly Fielding was 18 and straight out of college – now, she’s a high-flying member of our team who’s determined to keep working her way up.

After impressing her managers with her passion for the business and desire to move up the ranks, Holly was recommended for a place on our Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship course in partnership with Teesside University.

The three-year, part-time course is a bespoke programme designed to give participants the skills, knowledge and experience needed to lead the business in the future. Students will learn theoretical knowledge through attending university sessions and develop their practical skills while carrying out their daily roles.

We caught up with Holly to find out more about the course and her experiences. Read below and watch the video to find out more…


Tell us about your role, your responsibilities and what you get involved in

As a harbour constable I have the same responsibilities as any Home Office police officer.

That involves public safety, patrolling the port environment and acting as a first responder for any incidents or jobs that come in.

How did you come to be in this role?

I was at college doing my A Levels and I got to a stage in my life where I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I had no definite career path I wanted to go down.

I found out about the harbour police through my dad who is a Tees Bay Pilot and decided to look into the role. I wanted something where every day would be different and thought this would be a good fit. I applied for the job as harbour constable and was lucky enough to be successful.

Over the last few years since getting the job I’ve really knuckled down and shown my interest in progressing with the company when I’ve spoken to managers and through my appraisals.

When the opportunity came up for people to be chosen to take part in the PD Ports apprenticeship programme with Teesside University, management put my name forward and I was chosen.

What is involved in your studies?

I’m in a PD Ports specific cohort on a course with Teesside University, so the theoretical knowledge we learn at university directly ties back to what we do at work. This really helps us all to understand the wider business and the challenges and successes we all face.

How has PD Ports supported your role and studies?

PD Ports has been really supportive in my studies. I’m allowed time out to go to university every couple of weeks and given independent study days, where I have time to complete assignments and assessments or do further work to assist with my degree.

I also have a mentor in my department who is the first point of contact for any concerns or queries I have with university. If I have any questions or need support, he’s the person I go to.

Was this role something you’d ever considered doing in the past?

I feel lucky to work for PD Ports because I’m not limited to work in one police role for the rest of my career and working life.

PD has lots of different avenues and career paths to explore within the business, and these future opportunities are a vital part of developing my career.

How vital are those real-life work experiences for young people to help guide their futures?

I was recently promoted at work and now I’ve decided the career path I want to go down, the degree apprenticeship has aided that and given me understanding of how to be a good manager and a good leader.

What would you say to anyone who has been through A levels but may be looking at a more first-hand learning experience to further their studies?

You don’t need to rush into making a decision about your future. I was lucky enough to firstly be given a job at a great company, and then be given the opportunity from PD Ports to further my education.

If you choose not to do a degree straight after A Levels, don’t worry. There are still opportunities to further your education on apprenticeships like mine.

If you’re interested in joining our apprenticeship programme, visit https://www.pdports.co.uk/apprenticeships/.


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