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17-27 Queen's Square
North Yorkshire

Name: Jacob Moat

Role: Apprentice Surveyor, based at Head Office

Studying: Chartered Surveying


After initially impressing PD Ports during a work placement, Jacob remained on our radar. He went on to achieve A Levels in business, economics and media, before being offered a degree apprenticeship job offer. Now, Jacob studies one day a week at Northumbria University, while working full-time to become a chartered surveyor.

We caught up with him to hear about his role, his studies, and the support he has received. Read below and watch the video to find out more…


How did you come to be at PD Ports?

When I was at college, I signed up to the Career Ready Programme through the Tees Valley Logistics Academy, mainly so I had some work experience that I thought would look good on my CV.

I impressed the team at PD Ports during my work placement and as a result, they decided to offer me a role as part of a higher apprenticeship.

What did you want to be when you grew up, and how has this changed?

I always knew I liked and was passionate about business, so I thought I would do a business management course at university. But, during my internship, I got to understand a job that I didn’t even know existed and after experiencing it I know it’s what I want to do.

How vital is real-life work experience for young people to help guide their future?

Real-life work experience is really important, as you can gain first-hand experience, expand your knowledge of what the role involves and guide your career path.

It was definitely vital for me, as I didn’t actually know the role existed until I experienced it for real.

What is involved in your apprenticeship?

I spend four days a week in the PD Ports office, and 1 day at Northumbria University.

As an Apprentice Surveyor, I manage commercial property in and around the Teesport area. This includes checking leases, arranging inspections and going on site visits, which I really enjoy.

How has PD supported your role and studies so far?

The whole team has been very supportive with my studies. I was assigned a mentor when I first started with PD Ports, and since then we’ve had weekly meetings to discuss progress and any issues I may be having. They give me guidance to help me get the best out of my education.

How does it feel to be given the opportunity to not only work at such a reputable company, but have the support of the team in your studies?

It’s amazing to work at such a well-established business.

What I love about PD Ports is how diverse the work I’m involved with is – because there are so many functions within the business, every day is different. I feel very passionate about the career path I’m on and look forward to the future.

How do you think you impressed the PD Ports team for them to offer this opportunity?

I think my enthusiasm for the role showed me to be a good candidate. I was willing to put myself out there, I wanted to learn, and I was keen to converse with different business professionals.

I’m passionate about promoting PD Ports to other young people because it’s good at growing and attracting young, local talent to the industry. Anyone coming through the programme has a support base in any area, which is key.

What are your career goals?

Ultimately, I want to finish my apprenticeship and become a chartered surveyor, dealing with estate management. I can only go so far in my role at the moment and take on so much, but I see people in the office and aspire to be like them when I’m older.

What would you say to anyone who has been through A Levels but may be looking at a first-hand learning experience to further their studies?

Go for it! If you’re considering a higher degree apprentice I would 100 per cent day go for it. You can earn a wage while learning on the job, and while it may be full on you have a brilliant support network within the business

Plus, jobs are competitive in the local market and with an apprenticeship you have security through a reputable company.

If you’re interested in joining our apprenticeship programme, visit https://www.pdports.co.uk/apprenticeships/.

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