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PD Ports has officially opened a new warehouse for Taylors of Harrogate in Billingham to provide more space and increased efficiency for the family tea and coffee merchants, best known for their Yorkshire Tea blend.

The operations undertaken by PD Ports have been moved from two warehouses at Teesport to a 105,000 sq. ft. space at Cowpen Lane. The move provides Taylors of Harrogate with more warehousing capacity as their business expands. It also enables PD Ports to undertake collation of tea by assembling bags of tea from different origins onto one pallet to assist in the creation of the blends.

The investment of over £2.5M by PD Ports strengthens the longevity of the logistics site at Billingham and supports over 80 employees currently working there. The improvements made through the investment ensure the warehouse meets the high food grade standards and will perform well amongst the operation.

All Taylors of Harrogate’s stock is now at one location which makes it more efficient for picking and reduces lead time for deliveries to Harrogate.

David Robinson, PD Ports Group Chief Executive Officer, commented on the updated facilities: “Taylors of Harrogate’s continued commitment to using a portcentric solution through Teesport highlights the growing significance of Teesside as a major centre for logistics. PD Ports has proven the benefits of portcentric logistics and continues to work to develop and expand this platform.”

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Award Winning

PD Ports awarded Gold Status from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) for its commitment to health and safety excellence for the third consecutive year.

PD Ports - RoSPA Award Winner 2023