High Tide

The High Tide Foundation was launched in July 2012 and is a registered charity. The principal aim of the foundation is to provide the necessary support infrastructure to raise aspirations and opportunities for young people, ultimately leading to greater employment opportunities in marine and related industries on Teesside.

Recognising the role businesses play within the communities in which they operate, and the positive impact they can have on that environment is critical in today’s climate. High Tide was founded from the increasing need to integrate communities with business.

The success of the Foundation will be in its collaborative approach to delivery as opposed to schemes led by one or two major employers in the Teesside area.  The objective is to bring together companies who are customers, suppliers, operators and investors in Teesside, with the River Tees being the connecting theme.

For more information please watch the High Tide video, or visit the website www.hightidefoundation.co.uk. High Tide are also on twitter - @hightidetees