Onshore energy

PD Ports is today seen as market leader in the UK ports sector in respect of onshore energy solutions.

We are fully committed to the development of innovative and sustainable operations that will have a positive impact on the economy and environment, as well as our customers and stakeholders.

PD Ports has and continues to benefit from a proactive approach to investment, with an aim to increase its traditional cargo activities and also to move into new and developing markets.

At PD Ports we have highlighted three key areas within which we can provide support to our customers:


PD Ports has a significant portfolio of land, both within our ports' estates and in surrounding hinterland. It is our specific aim to develop this land in a structured and focused manner that will deliver increased cargo throughput.

To achieve this aim we are actively working with power generators and developers to implement projects such as:

  • Biomass power stations located within the port estate, utilising imported feedstock
  • Import facilities, delivering modal shift from sea to rail
  • Import and consolidation facilities supporting the onshore wind energy sector

Supply Chain

PD Ports has identified the requirement for a more effective supply chain within the renewable sector, one which contributes to a reduction in the carbon footprint of PD Ports, its customers and stakeholders.

To achieve this aim we are actively working with a range of organisations to develop projects such as: 

  • Modal shift of cargoes from road to rail
  • Increased utilisation of assets within the supply chain
  • Decrease of empty running of trucks
  • Increased efficiency in product handling


The management of feedstock is critical in the carbon footprint reduction process. PD Ports has a proven track record in helping customers to make this reduction a reality.