Hereema load out at the Port of Hartlepool

Oil and gas

Whether your requirement is simple or highly complex, PD Ports has the expertise and land availability to support oil and gas projects.

Over the years, PD Ports has built up a wealth of experience with companies in the oil and gas sectors supporting projects at both Teesport and Hartlepool.

Hartlepool is one of only a few ports in the country with the capability to offer pipe spooling up to 900m in length. PD Ports has extensive land to allow for project mobilisation, pipe spooling, cable reel storage and spool loading. 

Across our sites we can facilitate: 

  • Mobilisation and demobilisation
  • Fabrication of large modules
  • Pipe spooling
  • Project logistics base
  • Decommissioning work
  • North Sea barge capability