Ferry terminal

At the forefront of roll-on roll-off solutions, PD Ports continues to deliver a streamlined service to customers, take for example two key sectors.


P&O Ferries has been operating at Teesport for over 20 years and has established 6 sailings a week to Rotterdam and Zeebrugge, these two destinations both presently having 3 sailings every week. This creates a major opportunity to access trading routes to mainland Europe for shippers from both the North of England and Scotland. Over the years P&O Ferries has deployed larger and newer vessels on these shipping lanes, an investment matched by the Port with additional berths, gatehouse facilities and IT systems. P&O now carries large volumes of short-sea container business and cars, as well as the trailer traffic, which has made this service extremely popular and efficient.

In a world where being cost effective is everything, for convenience we also have an additional Ro-Ro Riverside berth and further facilities at Hartlepool. We can offer the benefit of on-time performance and shortest routing capabilities for specialised Ro-Ro services.


Renault cars have been the main beneficiary of the additional facilities and resources contributed by the Riverside Ro-Ro Terminal, where in conjunction with carrier Flotta Suardiaz over 40,000 trade cars are imported each year through the 56 acre storage provision. This volume has secured a long-term deal between PD Ports and Renault to provide an import processing and preparation centre for pre delivery inspection (PDI) and vehicle enhancement work. Another prestigious client, General Motors leases a further substantial area for vehicles that are imported from their European distribution centre in Zeebrugge and are presently imported using the P&O Zeebrugge service. Common user storage at Teesport has been utilised by a variety of manufacturers in recent times once again showing our versatility.

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