Offshore energy

The world is shifting to a low carbon energy world and we as a company are changing with it. There are global challenges facing each and every one of us.

Despite huge technological advances, we are using more fossil fuels today than ever before. We continue to generate power for heating and fuelling our homes and vehicles, all having a significant impact on the atmosphere.

PD Ports recognises the importance of the offshore renewable energy market and has taken steps to position itself as one of the leading players in this sector.

We have a number of quayside and hinterland facilities suitable for the development of wind turbine manufacturing facilities, with the ability to offer up to 60 acres within a single site. All facilties are backed by our highly skilled labour force, offering further logistics support to customers.

Our locations at Teesport, the Port of Hartlepool and Medina Wharf all have direct access to the North Sea and are well positioned to act as a base for complementary operation and maintenance facilities.